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Could you please answer my question about giving my first hand job, he's coming over tomorrow so it's kind of urgent. I have no idea what I'm doing! HELP

yourblowjobprincess answered:

Okay, first handjob tips! Number one rule, before you start anything with his cock make sure to build up his anticipation and arousal. Ideally, you want him to be hard, straining and possibly leaky before his pants even come off. This basically assures that (1) he won’t have any issues whatsoever maintaing an erection, and (2) his eventual orgasm will be that much more ecstatic.

Now, there are a number of different ways to build up his arousal but it really doesn’t take all that much. My personal go-to is giving him a simple,  slow, and sultry lap dance — whisper in his ear while you rub his crotch through his jeans (“are you getting hard for me?”), grind on his lap, kiss and caress his neck as your hair grazes his cheek.




Once he’s hard, straining and desperate to get his cock out, the hardest part is over — now comes the fun. Since it’s your first time, keep things simple! No need to try any special twirls and twists, or frantic rubbing of his extra-sensitive pressure points, or even going too fast with your hand. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions (if I happen to forget something I’ll come back and update this post), and if you follow this, trust me you’ll be golden.

First: get some lubricant and drench his cock and balls. I mean fucking drench. Use it liberally, use it amply and make sure he’s wet. I don’t care if it gets messy and gets on his clothes, just fucking drench him! (One little tidbit I always like to remember — a wet cock is a happy cock!)

Second: with your left/non-dominant hand gently cup his lubed balls and slowly roll them in between your fingers. Since it’s your first time, keep your left hand caressing and rolling his balls the entire time. In between you can take just the index finger and run your nail up and down the ridge on his scrotum. That’s it! Easy, right?


Third: with your right hand start by running your fingers (you can use just your index finger or perhaps a couple more if you’re in the mood) up and down his shaft, from base to tip, very slowly and gently. I find it’s usually easy if you find a particular vein on his cock and trace it with your finger, and then find another vein and trace that one, etc. While you’re doing this, make eye contact. Give him a smile, a coo and whisper a few naughty bits and pieces in a breathy voice (“Mmmm your cock is so fucking hard” or “I can feel it fucking throbbing in my little hand”).

Fourth: if everything has gone according to plan, he should be pretty darned close to orgasm already. While your left hand remains cupped to his balls, gently grip the base of his cock with the palm of your right hand and wrap your fingers around it. Now, in a slow upward motion, move your hand all the way to the tip, and then back down the same way. Pick up the pace and gradually build up to the rhythmic up-and-down motion, sorta like this:



If you’re feeling comfortable and confident with the situation and getting a very favorable reaction from him (i.e. he’s moaning and groaning in pleasure),  feel free to add in a few slow twists to your vertical motion:


Fifth: you’ll know he’s getting close to cumming based on his vocalizations (depending on the guy, he may even explicitly indicate that he’s about to cum) and the fact that his balls are beginning to tighten and pull upwards (if you’ve kept your left hand caressing and rolling his balls in your fingers, this should be very easy to feel). Now, here’s the part that can often be tricky — when he’s about to orgasm, pick up the pace of your straight up-and-down motion and keep going through to the end of his orgasm! Do not stop the second he starts to cum because trust me from personal folly, he’ll be pissed!


Last point to note: once he’s finished his orgasm, the head of his cock will usually be extra-sensitive. Be super-duper careful not to aggressively continue the handjob once he’s cum — I made that very mistake during my first handjob back in junior-high and I’m not kidding, he literally screamed!

Okay, so that’s the basic overview for a simple, first-time handjob. Pretty straightforward I hope and please note that the majority of the work goes into building up his arousal, both with the lap-dance/striptease phase, as well as the lube-drenching and finger-teasing. Once that’s over, simply build up a steady rhythm with your right hand, throw in a few twists and wet-sloshy swirls if you’re feeling comfortable, and then pick up the pace as he starts to near orgasm. Keeping going until he’s done and then stop. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

Whew, that was a long post. Hopefully you’re able to read this in time hun, and I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to reply earlier. I get a ton of messages and oftentimes it’s very tough to get back to everyone. In any case, I hope you have lots of fun with your boytoy! Definitely let me know how things go, and if you run into any problems or issues whatsoever, message me again and we can work through them together.


Ava  💋

So aside from the balls thing this is ridiculously accurate. I’m impressed with the level of understand of a dudes wants.